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Can Classify[] generated models be exported to use in other environments?

Posted 10 years ago

Currently I have created a simple classifier to classify sentiment from a string of text (or a tweet). The code is very basic and looks something like this:

data1 = SemanticImport[file];
c = Classify[data1[[2 ;;, 2]] -> data1[[2 ;;, 1]]]
result = c[testData[[2]]]

But I'd like to use it in my own application which has been written in C#. Is there a way to take this classifier and use it outside of the notebook either by (1) exporting code that created the classifier or (2) creating a Cloud API to send a JSON file to receive the intended request.

POSTED BY: Chris Ried
Posted 3 years ago

Is there any updates on this?

POSTED BY: Sepehr Elahi
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