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The Debugger

Posted 9 years ago

Just out of the eval' period, so I bought my licence today. I am trying to extend Yu-Sung Chang's excellent radial engine demo' to put a propellor on the front and would also like to then adapt that to create a rotary engine demo, possibly using both for educational display purposes in a museum that I volunteer at. Well, I managed to adapt Alec Nelsons fan demo, to create a rotating propeller and then tried merging parts of that with the radial demo. The code has started to get quite complex with inevitable bugs. So I thought "hey ho", why not try the debugger. Well to be frank the debugger doesn't seem to do very much at all apart from pop up a few toolboxes which seem to do nothing!, There is also a rather worrying lack of user instruction to be found. I have used low level C debuggers, so I may have some unjustified expectations of what should be there. Further research yields something called Workbench, which either looks defunct or at least not available for Home or Student licence holders. So I guess I need some further guidance, please.

Something that really doesn't help is that I get a number of error messages but there is no reference to what statement caused them, since there is no line numbering in the source code that does not seem to be an option.

Other than that I am of course highly impressed with the massive scope of the product.


Hi Ray,

The debugger don't work well in Mathematica.

See this post: Bug in Debugger? for more information.

I have reported it to Wolfram Support. Maybe in next release we have some news.

POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
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