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Entering data for Moduluo / Chinese Remainder theorem

Posted 10 years ago

So i have this.. for the CRT

x is congruent to 4 modulo 5
x is congruent to 4 modulo 11
x is congruent to 4 modulo 13

How do I enter this data into wolfram

also where do i get the congruent on an apple macbook


POSTED BY: gebgbegb ryan
3 Replies
Posted 10 years ago

Thanks a million S M Blinder...

POSTED BY: gebgbegb ryan
In[14]:= GCD[Mod[4, 5], Mod[4, 11], Mod[4, 13]]

Out[14]= 4
POSTED BY: S M Blinder
Posted 10 years ago

Since you chose WolframAlpha as a category for your question, I assumed you wanted an answer in terms of WolframAlpha

Click here to go to the WolframAlpha answer

You may find it easier to get correct answers if you do not try to "desktop publish" the questions you are giving to WolframAlpha

POSTED BY: Bill Simpson
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