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how to export and import table with fixed accuracy

Dear all.

I want to export a table (3 columns) with a fixed number of digits (accuracy). So the numbers (complex) should have 100 digits and the number format should be like e.g. 1.32448754E-43+234454E-23*I. I tried to use Export[“M.out”,x,”Table”]. The export works fine, but when importing the Table cannot be used in ListLinePlot. I really struggle to get that work, any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help,


POSTED BY: Markus Schmidt

It depends when you encounter the problem, You cannot plot complex data, so a + I *b need to be transformed to {a,b} before calling to ListPlot. You can do that using ReplaceAll


tab=RandomComplex[{-0.01 - 0.01 I, 0.01 + 0.02 I}/10000, 100]; ListPlot[tab /. Complex[x, y] :> List[x, y]]

If your problem appears AFTER importing back the data, you need to notice that the data is imported as strings and you need to use ToExpression to overcome that

exp = Export["~/table.txt", tab, "Table"];

imp=Import[["~/table.txt", "Table"];

Dimensions[tab] returns 100

Dimensions[imp] returns {100,1} so there is a surrounding List that you can cancel using Flatten

so for this part

ListPlot[Flatten[(ToExpression@Import["~/table.txt", "Table"])] /. Complex[x, y] :> {x, y}]

will do the trick HTH yehuda

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