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Cloud object on Programming cloud

Posted 9 years ago

Dear All,

Greeting from Singapore. First time, trying the cloud deploy and cloud object on Windows PC. The cloud deploy works well on single object. I would like to use 2 cloud deploy as input but to a single cloud object.

CloudDeploy[ExportForm[Style[ Framed["Hello,  Singapore ", ImageMargins->50],70,Orange,FontFamily->"Verda na"],"GIF"]]

output is 2 ulr's. Working well. But wish to create a single URL..( from CloudDeploy) from above Cloud Deploy. I tried with comma (,) in between CloudDeploy with additional [] but it not working. Wonder how to implement the following...

CloudObject["http://…"], CloudObject["https://…"]

enter image description here

Please advise, Am i missing something ? Thanks a lot.

3 Replies

I apologize. I don't understand what you're trying to do, so it's hard to know if it's right.

The code you have posted has mismatched brackets.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Dear Sean,

Thanks for suggestion. I tried. but still error though CloudDeploy[{a,b}] looks simple with many { ,[ it is confusing. here is my code

[ExportForm[Style[ Framed["Hello,  Singapore ", ImageMargins->50],70,Orange,FontFamily->"Verdana"],"GIF"]}]

Is it right? , i have added a , { and } . Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot.

Cheers! chandra

They have separate URLs because they are separate CloudObjects. You could put the two items together in a list. Then they'd be a single CloudObject.

Instead of:



POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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