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¿can exercise in uniform rectilinear motion and uniformly accelerated recti

Posted 9 years ago

Excuse my English, I am using the translator, I wonder if there are ways in wolfram mathematica, rectilinear motion exercises, accelerated rectilinear, and parabolic free fall motion. ie graph and raise the issues on the Cartesian plane with each of its variables? thx

lo publico en español tambien: quisiera saber si hay forma de en wolfram mathematica, hacer ejercicios de movimiento rectilineo, de rectilineo acelerado, de caida libre y movimiento parabolico. o sea graficar y plantear los problemas sobre el plano cartesiano con cada una de sus variables? gracias

POSTED BY: camilo jaramillo
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Posted 9 years ago

Perhaps calculations like this?

(* values for parameters*)
numbers = {g -> 9.8, theta -> 40 Degree, v0 -> 100.};

(* the time when the projectile hits the ground *)
tFinal = 0;

(* equations, including initial and termination conditions *)
eqs = {y''[t] == -g, y'[0] == v0 Sin[theta], y[0] == 0, x''[t] == 0, 
   x'[0] == v0 Cos[theta], x[0] == 0, 
   WhenEvent[y[t] < 0, {"StopIntegration", tFinal = t}]};

(* solution, asks for more time than needed *)
sol = NDSolveValue[eqs /. numbers, {x[t], y[t]}, {t, 0, 50}];

trajectory = ParametricPlot[sol, {t, 0, tFinal}]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: David Keith
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