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FortranForm for ordinary differential equations

Posted 10 years ago

Hello Folks,

I have a system of ordinary differential equations that I can solve and handle under Mathematica. For some specific tasks, I would like to convert these ODE's system into Fortran (or could be C).

Sadly, FortranForm is not working at all, I got either a Null of some weird stuffs that are not Fortran. I understand that I need to specify a numerical methods, but clearly the FortranForm is not enough sophisticated for that purpose. Is there any way (beside writing myself the numerical solution) to translate an ODE system written in Mathematica into Fortran or C?

Thanks a lot for any help on that.

POSTED BY: dralucas

The package Format.m is better at translating Mathematica expressions to Fortran or C.

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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