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Mathematica wishlist

Posted 9 years ago

I want to create Mathematica wishlist. It helps to developers of Mathematica to understand what users urgently need in Mathematica for the feature releases. It's necessary to write about only one wish at time. Each of us can vote for wish it like. So the wish with a maximum quantity of votes became 1st in a list.

As a novice in using Mathematica I start this wishlist with my 1st wish -
I don`t understand how to work with system without good (convenient) opportunities of input and output. And so first of all I urgently need InputTable like InputField (with DynamicSetting wrapper and calculation in place by Shift-Cntrl-Enter).

POSTED BY: Igor Fomenko
Posted 9 years ago

I really like to have formulas displayed in typeset form in order to better serve my users' needs.

In Mathematica it is possible to Superscript (not the Power) the symbol but impossible to Subscript (not index) the symbol.

Therefore, if you try to make simple definition like

a = {Subscript[a, 1], Subscript[a, 2], Subscript[a, 3]} you receive recursion error message.

You have to use notation package (Needs["Notation"]) and to declare each subscripted symbol you want to use in a feature by means of Symbolize function. It`s very inconvenient way.

POSTED BY: Igor Fomenko
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