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Formulate an algorithm to solve a fractional differential equation

Posted 9 years ago

I am researcher working in thesis on Mathieu fractional differential equation to solve it using reproducing Kernal Hilbert space and having problem in how to formulate an algorithm

you can found more information in the image attached if you are interested

Thank you for reading my problem and i hope you continue your Please and contribution and help me to solve and continue my thesis

for more information please do not hesitate to contact me on my E-mail : or

again thank you and wish for you all the best :)

note : please someone write a replay anything

POSTED BY: omer emad
4 Replies

The Wikipedia article on fractional calculus

recommends using Laplace transforms to solve fractional differential equations.

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
Posted 9 years ago

The main idea of my research is to solve it using reproducing kernel Hilbert space method so if you have an idea about how to formulate the algorithm then please help me and if not , then thank you for you reply :)

note: if you know anyone who know about these subjects please tell me about them and how to contact them .

POSTED BY: omer emad

If f[t] can be expressed as a power series in t, the semiderivative of t^n can be defined by

semi[t_, n_] := (n!/Gamma[n + 1/2]) t^(n - 1/2)
POSTED BY: S M Blinder
Posted 9 years ago

Dear prof. Blinder.

I am MSc student in Baghdad university working with my prof. on reproducing kernel Hilbert space method to solve an IVP (Mathieu fractional differential equation) .I have found the reproducing kernel but having problem in formulate an algorithm and had difficulty in applying it on Mathematica 9 , and it will be pleasure for me and my prof. if you accept to help me , I will be very grateful if you send me your e-mail so that i could directly contact you and send you further information about the research.

And I very thankful that you reply to my problem and I hope that continue your contribution .

POSTED BY: omer emad
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