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How can I perform exponential regression analysis on an uploaded data set?

Posted 9 years ago

I have two columns, ten rows. Column A contains x values; column B contains y values. These are in a CSV file, which uploads fine. I want to use "exponential fit" against this data.

To be clear, I can upload the CSV file. Conversely I can manually input the data and use "exponential fit" in the command line with that data. I want to combine these two steps: I want to use "exponential fit" against a large CSV.

Thanks for any suggestions.


POSTED BY: Bruce Rhodewalt
8 Replies

Here are some examples where you enter the data directly into the bar:

exponential fit of {1,2,4,7,17}

exponential fit of {{0,1},{2,2},{4,4},{6,7},{8,17}}

There are no examples showing how this can be done with a dataset. I am not aware of any. It's very possible that the Wolfram|Alpha doesn't recognize that query yet for datasets. If a query doesn't work that you expect to, you can contact the Wolfram|Alpha team and leave them a suggestion at the bottom of the results page. This helps them know where to focus the future developement of Wolfram|Alpha.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Obviously, I haven't made myself clear. I'll try again.

I can do this:

At, I can click a File Upload icon and upload a CSV with two columns (containing the data shown in the link above). The search field now contains an icon representing my uploaded file. I want to type "exponential fit" after this file icon and get the results shown in the link above.

If I do type "exponential fit" and click the Equal Sign icon, I get this error message: Using closest Wolfram|Alpha interpretation: exponential

Thanks for your help.


POSTED BY: Bruce Rhodewalt

Thank you. That helps, although I can't see what my options are for the words following the uploaded data. (My original question was about syntax and available commands/expressions/functions.) I'll look for "time series" and see what related options I might have.

I'm a high school teacher, and I don't want to spend too much time teaching a programming language to the students. I want to take the data and process it, with a little more power than Desmos, a little more availability than the commands on a TI graphing calculator. I hope that makes sense.

POSTED BY: Bruce Rhodewalt

Here is a list of examples of what kinds of things Wolfram|Alpha does with uploaded data:

In particular it looks like this is an example of a nonlinear regression:

Wolfram|Alpha is really kinda loose and does exploratory stuff for you. If you have something specific in mind, I would use Mathematica Online and the code provided above.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Yes. Sorry for the ambiguity. I mean the search field (with the equal-sign submit button) at

POSTED BY: Bruce Rhodewalt

When you say "Wolfram Command Line", do you mean "Wolfram Alpha"?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Thank you. Your suggestion is probably good, but I'm looking for commands I can enter into the Wolfram command line, or some other way to run "exponential fit" against my uploaded data.

POSTED BY: Bruce Rhodewalt

may be you can look at NonlinearModelFit ? Something like

model = NonlinearModelFit[myData, a*Exp[b*x], {a,b}, x];

see for more examples

POSTED BY: Nasser M. Abbasi
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