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Why does the API return "data not available" for this query?

Posted 9 years ago

From the Sports & Games example page (, the query:

"Michael Jordan points per game in 1996 postseason"

should work. When using the web interface, it returns the result as well as additional information.

However, when using the API to make this request, it returns "(data not available)" in the result pod. Using the API explorer (, I also get "data not available". My API request looks like this (using my app id, of course):[APPID]&input=Michael%20Jordan%20points%20per%20game%20in%201996%20postseason&format=plaintext,image

The input pod shows that it is correctly interpreting the input, but no results. I tried setting the async setting to true and also increasing the scantimeout and podtimeout parameters, but nothing works. Any ideas?

Thanks, Jason

POSTED BY: Jason Tan

This is something that I would contact the Wolfram|Alpha team directly about:

I would probably just send them an email (

It's possible that the data is no longer available for some reason or that there's an issue with a recent release that is causing the problem.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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