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Modeling Gait Motion

I am a current senior in high school who is working with a partner in my STEM class to create an electric generator that harnesses the kinetic energy yielded when walking in order to make a battery charger. I have been tasked with the gait analysis, and now I am trying to use Systemmodeler to create a model of the leg's gait motion. I envisioned using two segments - one representing the thigh, the other representing the lower leg - of assigned masses, along with joints to represent the hip, knee, and ankle. I had been following this tutorial just to get an idea of modeling, but even that has eluded me. I don't have any experience with complex modeling softwares like Systemmodeler - any ideas or suggestions on how I can construct this model? Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Thank you!

POSTED BY: Allen Salama
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