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Out of Memory from Summation

Posted 9 years ago

I have a multiple summation function with variables of the order of 10^-30 that quickly runs out of memory when I use SUM. INTEGRATE gives an acceptable approximation for variables of that Order Of Magnitude but I need to be more exact. Do I hire someone with access to a mainframe? If so, how? Is there a MATHEMATICA trick I've overlooked? (Logarithms aren't an option for my expression.)

Jeff Albert

POSTED BY: Jeff Albert
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Posted 9 years ago

Thanks Frank. I've tried that and scaling does point to values I'm expecting my expressions to assume, but unfortunately it doesn't give me the precision I need to make the work acceptable. Exact calculation will require a heavy dose of RAM and since I see no other alternative I'm now in the process of trying to rent some time on a super computer up in Orono.. I welcome any other suggestions.

POSTED BY: Jeff Albert

It's generally a good idea to scale values so that they are neither very large or very small.

POSTED BY: Frank Kampas
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