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Need help transforming drawn paths into coordinates for .csv export

Posted 9 years ago

Hello. I need to do the following;

1) Import a files with graphics into Mathematcia from Illustrator, using exported formats (like SVG) or direct from illustrator.

2) Define the scale and measurments of the working area page in meters.

3) Select a path and copy out a list of coordinates that describe points on the path in relation to 0, 0 upper left corner of the page.

4) Save the list of coordinates in X and Y table into a .csv file.

Is this possible to do with Mathematica? Or are there some workarounds that can produce the same result?

Posted 9 years ago

One way is by digitizing by hand. Import and plot the graphic, right-click and choose "Get Coordinates." You now have a cursor that you can move around in the graphic. Each left click will draw a marker. When you have the markers you want, ctrl-c (Windows) will copy the list of coordinates. Ctrl-v will paste them. You can paste them in a next cell and assign them as a list of coordinates to a variable. It's up to you then to scale them as needed. If the graphic has a real-world scale, they will be immediately usable. At times, I have digitized several known features in a graphic and used the relationship between graphic coordinates and real-world values to define a transform for scaling.

Best regards, David

POSTED BY: David Keith
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