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Issue pasting clipboard contents in notebook?

Posted 8 years ago
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On one of my computers, starting with V10.0.0 or 10.0.1 i began having trouble pasting the clipboard contents from non Mathematica sources into Mathemeatica. Has anyone else had this problem, and is there any way to fix it?

POSTED BY: Marvin Ray Burns
5 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Did you figure this out? I am having the same issue.

In[25]:= SystemInformation["Small"]

Out[25]= {"Kernel" -> {"SystemID" -> "Linux-x86-64", 
   "ReleaseID" -> " (7522564, 2021120311723)", 
   "CreationDate" -> 
    DateObject[{2021, 12, 3, 0, 27, 57}, "Instant", "Gregorian", 1.]},
  "FrontEnd" -> {"OperatingSystem" -> "Unix", 
   "ReleaseID" -> " (7522564, 202112025910)", 
   "CreationDate" -> 
    DateObject[{2021, 12, 2, 17, 11, 28}, "Instant", "Gregorian", 

I'm using Windows 7.

In[1]:= SystemInformation["Small"]

Out[1]= {"Kernel" -> {"SystemID" -> "Windows-x86-64", 
   "ReleaseID" -> " (5292918, 2015032402)", 
   "CreationDate" -> 
    DateObject[{2015, 3, 24}, 
     TimeObject[{11, 30, 37.}, TimeZone -> -4.], TimeZone -> -4.]}, 
 "FrontEnd" -> {"OperatingSystem" -> "Windows", 
   "ReleaseID" -> " (5292918, 2015032301)", 
   "CreationDate" -> 
    DateObject[{2015, 3, 23}, 
     TimeObject[{22, 46, 3.}, TimeZone -> -4.], TimeZone -> -4.]}}

I can paste all I want into other programs or earlier versions of Mathematica. As a workaround I paste into V9, recopy it from V9 and paste into V10.

POSTED BY: Marvin Ray Burns

What Operating System are you using? What happens when you evaluate SystemInformation["Small"]?

When you try pasting, what seems to happen. Are you able to copy to other programs like a text editor without issues?

I'm not aware of any issue like this. I would consider contacting Wolfram Technical Support:

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Sean Clarke, Example: I copied your reply and it would not paste into my version of 10.1.

POSTED BY: Marvin Ray Burns

This very much depends what you're copying and where you're copying to. Are you trying to copy as PlainText? Does the program you are copying to understand or recognize the stuff you're pasting into it?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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