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Problems running the Hello World example

Posted 8 years ago
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When following the started guide Hello World example of the differential equation, I got to running the model then got the following error:

Initiation of "HelloWorld" as experiment "HelloWorld 1" started at 05:25:43

Error: Error building simulator. Buildlog: command mingw-g++ not found. Error: Error building simulator. Buildlog: command "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfram Research\SystemModeler 3.0.2\bin../bin/Compile" not found.

error: No executable generated.C:/Users/Jose/AppData/Local/Temp/sme142813954341.exe

It looks like it lost the compiler . Any help?

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Posted 8 years ago

Jose, Can you try with SystemModeler 4.1? This problem is only related to version 3 of SystemModeler.

POSTED BY: Johan Rhodin
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