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Lorentz tensors specification and contraction

Posted 10 years ago

Hello everyone. How to contract lorentz tensors and to specify contraction rules for them? I'm doing High Energy Physics and have to calculate the square of S-matrix (actually, M-matrix) amplitude.

For simplicity, let's say my amplitude has the following form: M = A*(K1,J)+B(K2,J) where A,B - are constants and K1,K2, J - are 4-vectors.

Also let's say that i know contraction rule for JmJn that gives me some known tensor (JJ)mn. (m and n are lorentz indices)

So the task is to specify explicitly the (JJ)mn tensor and learn mathematica how to contract it with K1 and K2 when calculating M^2.

Any ideas? I tried FeynCalc, but didn't manage how to specify (JJ)mn.

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