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Triple integrals in wolframalpha

Posted 9 years ago

Does anyone know how to input a triple integral question in wolframalpha? I tried following their example for a double integral, but it still did not work, so I'm not sure if I'm not typing it in correctly, or if the website just can't solve triple integrals.

I was using to check homework answers, and here is what I typed in: "integrate ?^2 sin (2?) d? d? d?, ?=0 to 9, ?=-2pi to 0, ?=pi/4 to pi/2"

Do I have any typing errors?

Thanks : ), Adriana

POSTED BY: Adriana Zerbini
2 Replies

Thank you so much! I don't think I even knew that notation existed, but it got the same answer as I did solving it by hand (just had to switch the variables around a bit to "integrate[y^2 sin(2 x), {y,0,9}, {z,-2 pi,0}, {x,pi/4,pi/2}]").

Thanks for your help : ). - Adriana

POSTED BY: Adriana Zerbini
Posted 9 years ago
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