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Need help finishing a rotary engine demonstration any Euclid's out there

Posted 10 years ago

Hi all, I am building the attached "stripped down" demo of a rotary engine, but am seemingly "going round in circles" trying to get the geometry right. There are two axes of rotation, the case and cylinders at {0,0,-1} and the crankhub with conrods and pistons at {0,0,0}. Apart from needing help fixing the geometry for the end of the conrods, gudgeon pins and pistons I am also getting weird numbers sent back to Graphics3D which it doesn't seem to like and it's hard to work out what the source of these is, this may well be causing me to think my trig and geometric analysis is wrong . The geometry is a triangle with theta at {0,0,-1} and phi at {0,0,0}. A line from {0,0,0} is 3.6 long and intersects with a line of varying length from {0,0,-1}, the x & z co-ordinates where they intersect are at the gudgeon pin and end of conrod.

Here is another way it it has been done with animated 2D CAD:

I confess I am not amongst the worlds best mathematicians (101) and only got Mathemetica out of the box a month ago, so still building skills.

I am quite happy to share credits with whoever can help with the completion. I am looking at possibly using this as the prototype for an interactive series of museum exhibits.

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