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Does not come out the Remote Development Control Panel though RDK installed

Posted 8 years ago
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I am a new comer on the "Raspberry Pi 2 Mod B - double boards with its pre-installed Mathematica". As a preparing step, I did the installation of RDK on 1st Rpi2 board. Though the installation of RDK was successfully done with the words of "RDK control panel will be appeared on the palettes menu", but no additional item for "RDK control Panel" was come out.

Pls advise me on following points: Q1: What is wrong on my work - Why does not a "RDK control panel come out ? Any other fix/CDF_codes are required to apply ? Q2: As my future plan, I would like to run parallel Mathematica on dual boards of Rpi 2 Mod B. Are there any restriction for "running - parallel Mathematica on dual boards of Rpi 2 Mod B" ?

I hope these Q/A is helpful for other persons who are plan to do similar work.

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