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Portable Engine

Posted 9 years ago

I would LOVE to have this as a portable calculator app, but the thing is I don't want to use data on my phone. I would love to have this as a portable calculator so that I can work out what I want to know with this powerful tool. The other calculator apps don't exactly hold my favor :/ and real graphing calculators....need better graphics. I would easily pay $20 or $30 for a good, easy calculator. A bigger plus would be if you could have the input write itself similar to the Casio fx-300ES PLUS calculator. I have had this calculator since 12th grade in high school, and I am in my second semester of college with Calculus I with Analytical Geometry, and I don't have the calculator for the class because I didn't like the display and how equations were inserted into it. I like the ability to easily manipulate the equation to see how my answer will vary when I change a value. I have many other ideas to add, but for now I would like the calculator instead of all the extras.

POSTED BY: Joshua Champion
2 Replies

If anyone would like this, please just leave a comment below. I would like this for a hard-core calculator!

POSTED BY: Joshua Champion

Calculators are becoming increasingly niche. A calculator is often artificially limited so that it's power in assessment is well understood. For example a calculator capable of symbolic algebra damages the ease of testing someone's algebraic talent. If you need more power than a calculator offers, laptops and smart phones reign supreme.

From a different angle, wolfram alpha is inherently not portable. It is a server based service. Creating a calculator using it amounts to creating a mobile data uplink, such as your phone. This has no benefits for you: it would need a network to provide 'data'!

You could of course create a portable Mathematica device, perhaps based around a raspberry pi. I struggle to imagine scenarios where the portability advantage over a netbook merits the effort.

POSTED BY: David Gathercole
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