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Today we're excited to say that is live! Since the Wolfram Language was introduced, we knew there would be a need to be able to readily find and share learning materials and other information about it. In light of that, was created as a community repository for resources, tutorials, and documentation concerning the Wolfram Language and Mathematica, and we look forward to seeing the number of useful resources continue to grow. Maybe you've got a great tutorial that you wrote for your class or organization that you'd like to share, or perhaps you've published a Wolfram Language book or article?

After you have a look around the site, please come back to this thread and share any suggestions or ideas you have for adding to You can also make suggestions directly on the site, through the Resource Suggestions form.

2 Replies


we — Russian-Language Support of Mathematica — have some resources:


Habrahabr blog:

YouTube channel:

These resources are largest Wolfram communities in Russia and post-soviet countries.

POSTED BY: Roman Osipov

Thanks for the suggestion, Roman! We'll take a look at these and get them up on the site as soon as possible.

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