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Posted 9 years ago


Mathematica 10 does not show correct evaluation time on the bottom-left corner of window, while it was showing correct evaluation time in Mathematica 9. Indeed, after completion of a running code it shows the correct time (perhaps) but always immediately changes the time to some values which are fraction of a second. Can any body help me in this regard?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thanks and regards, Vinay

2 Replies

I assume you are using this (

I'm having trouble reproducing the problem. What operating system are you on? Are you running version 10 or version 10.1? What is the output of SystemInformation["Small"]

I've been running commmands like Pause[1], Pause[3], .... etc and seem to be getting correct results. Do you see your problem when using Pause?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

Hi Clarke,

Thank you for your reply. You are right, I am exactly looking for what is in the link sent by you.

I am using MAC. The output of SystemInformation["Small"] is:

{"Kernel" -> {"SystemID" -> "Linux-x86-64", "ReleaseID" -> " (4055667, 4055147)", "CreationDate" -> {2013, 1, 24, 21, 14, 7}}, "FrontEnd" -> {"OperatingSystem" -> "MacOSX", "ReleaseID" -> " (5157628, $Failed)", "CreationDate" -> {2014, 9, 9, 18, 41, 37}}}

Pause[1], Pause[3], … etc. also does not give the desirable result. The correct evaluation time blinks for a fraction of a second and then it gives 0.07 seconds. For any evaluation, it always gives some fraction of a second, no matter how much time the evaluation has taken. This was never a problem with Mathematica 9.

I hope I could explain you the problem. Please help.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks and regards, Vinay

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