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Integration and plotting of hypergeometric function

Posted 10 years ago

I am trying to symbolically integrate and then plot a complex hypergeometric function. I am able to integrate the function but am not sure how to go about plotting it.

The function is the hypergeometric sine raised to the 1/n: (-c^(1/n)) (Sinh[c*x])^(1/n)

Integrating with respect to x gives me the following: c^(-1 + 1/n) Cosh[c x] Hypergeometric2F1[1/2, 1/2 (1 - 1/n), 3/2, Cosh[c x]^2] Sinh[c x]^(1 + 1/n) (-Sinh[c x]^2)^(1/2 (-1 - 1/n))

I know that the result is a Gaussian hypergeometric function. I am trying to plot the function with specific values for c and n and am getting no results, I eventually want to plot a range of values for c and n. I am new to mathematica and this is a fairly complex function to jump right into so any help would be greatly appreciated.

POSTED BY: Alex Szerszen
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Posted 10 years ago

That worked perfectly, thank you very much.

Would you have any suggestions for running a plot with an array of n values and an array of c values over a range of x?

POSTED BY: Alex Szerszen

Try plotting the real and imaginary parts of the function. Something like


POSTED BY: S M Blinder
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