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Mathematics research work, any suggestions?

Posted 9 years ago


I'm 16 and in our school we have to do a research work, and I decided do it about something related whit maths. But I can't find anything that I like. Please can you give me any suggestions?? Can be anything calculus, algebra, trigonometry¬Ö I really no matter what it is.


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As a pupil I came across a problem that I called "The mean life-time of risk-takers" . Here we consider a person who is used to take a lethal risk from time to time. Assume that the risk to die is p in all cases. (Eg. p=1/6 for 'Russian Roulette', 0 < p < 1 in general). How many risk events the person survives 'in the mean' ? Of course, the mathematics of the problem has nothing to do with danger and death. It also answers how often (in the mean) one has to throw dice until one gets a six.

POSTED BY: Ulrich Mutze

As you are saying that you are going to do a research work, I think you have to be cautious about that and choose topics that you really like. I am 19 and I like maths too. May be you can do something on number theory, locating maxima or minima in curves etc. For these things Mathematica is really an expert software. You can take help from this community, or from the learning material available for Wolfram Language. But remember, do only those things what YOU really want to do.

Best Wishes,


POSTED BY: suvadip mandal
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