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Trying to include graphics package

Posted 9 years ago

i have typed

<< GraphicsGraphics

<< GraphicsLegend

The message I got Is:

Get::noopen: cannot open GraphicsGraphics

I am using mathematica 9.How to solve this.Thank you in advance

POSTED BY: bh nsad
3 Replies

The package's functionality is built into Mathematica. Please see the links above for more information.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

As you are saying, Graphics package is old, what can I use in version 10.0.1? Is there any package which I can use instead of Graphics in M10 or there is something installed already?

POSTED BY: suvadip mandal

The Graphics package is really old. You most likely don't really want to use it.

I'm not sure the Graphics package would work with version 9. It doesn't come installed in version 9. You would have to find it and install it before trying to call it.

Here's a guide to upgrading your code from that package:

Here's where you can download the package if you want to use it:

Here's a guide to installing packages:

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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