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What is the canon in combining Get[] and Manipulate[] in a demonstration?

Posted 10 years ago


my question has to do with Manipulate[] in a demonstration.

More precisely, I am wondering if my understanding is correct and you can actually NOT use a package that is not shipped with MathematicA in the Initialization:>() option of Manipulate[].

If this is actually the case and you cannot use a package you've written yourself as part of a demonstration, what other options around such a problem are there?

Would importing the said package eg from the cloud, work (perhaps something like Manipulate[...,Initiialize:>CloudGet[mypackage`]])?


POSTED BY: nik tsak
Posted 10 years ago

After some trial and error with cdf's and the cloud it seems that it is possible to create a cdf that loads a custom package during initialization (locally), upload it to the cloud and then access an operational instance of the initial cdf without any problems about the Get[] part of the initialization

PS. I'm posting this in case it actually is not common knowledge

POSTED BY: nik tsak
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