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How Can I Format Currencies To Fixed Decimal Places So They Still Add?

Posted 9 years ago

Hi All,

I am working with currencies and would like both to display them in fixed format (currency symbol, padding and fixed decimal places), and perform math on them.

Obviously I can just defer formatting until the very last minute when I need to display, but I also do a lot of work in Dataset[], so it would be great if I could apply formatting to the currency values at the point I build the Dataset, without losing the ability to to total, average, and so on, in the Dataset. Then my currency values are formatted the way I want them throughout the application.

In terms of the formatting, NumberForm[] seemed to do the trick, but then I can only perform math on them using a very inelegant Part[] kludge.

For example...

nums = NumberForm[Quantity[#, "£"], {5, 2}, DigitBlock -> 3, 
    NumberSeparator -> ",", NumberPadding -> {" ", "0"}] & /@ {123.5, 
   100.57, 56.1} 

Gets me my currencies formatted exactly as I want them.

But then an operation like addition fails...

nums[[1]] + nums[[2]] it simply concatenates the strings.

This works...

nums[[1, 1]] + nums[[2, 1]]

But is dreadfully inelegant, and will mean a lot of fiddly work to perform math on Datasets.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


POSTED BY: Brad Varey
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