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'SPHERE' command - what was EARLIEST Mathematica Rev it was available?

Hello - I posted a question RE: plotting random spheres several days ago. Marco from UK was kind enough to reply w/an apparently easy solution. However, my Version of Mathematica is rather dated: 2.2 and Student Version. While I have 'polygons' & 'cuboids', I don't seem to have 'sphere' available. 1.) - can that [or any subsequently created] command be downloaded/integrated into my old Rev? 2.) - what was/is the FIRST available Version to include 'sphere' ? If I am unable to accomplish 1.) above, I may look around and attempt to purchase an EARLIER version than the current (I believe is current Rev) which is apparently ~$250 [USA]. I believe I have seen some older versions on internet for substantially less cost; however, I do not want to purchase a version that does NOT include the 'sphere' command. Thank you all in advance for any assistance. Also, THX again to Marco. RPP

what was/is the FIRST available Version to include 'sphere' ?

Please have a look into the internet manual: Sphere, near the footer the information wanted is given:

release info

by the way, you can do your own sphere using ParametricPlot3D with a spherical co-ordinate system and two random vectors: one for the radius and the other one for the center. Equally easy would it be to generate a parametrized list of polygons representing a template sphere and move that around, finally showing all of them with Graphics3D.

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
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