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Need help with Animate

Posted 9 years ago

Hello everybody,

I've got a computer with windows 8.1 in 64 bits, an i7 and 6Go of RAM. I use less than 10% of the processor and 30% of the RAM when I launch animate graphics with Mathematica, but theses aren't fluid and not really good looking... I don't think that I'm really clear, so I'll give you an example !

I've defined a function :

y[x_, t_] := 
 A1 Sin[(2 \[Pi])/\[Lambda]1 (x - v1 t) + \[Delta]1] + A2 Sin[(2 \[Pi])/\[Lambda]2 (x - v2 t) + \[Delta]2]

With :

A1 = 1; A2 = 1; v1 = 1; v2 = 1; \[Delta]1 = 0; \[Delta]2 = 0; \[Lambda]1 = 2 \[Pi]; \[Lambda]2 = 2.05 \[Pi];

And I Animate this function with the command :

Animate[Plot[y[x, t], {x, -200, 200}], {t, 0, 500}]

When I launch the animation, I've images like that : With Play

And when I stop the animation, the Animation plot the right thing, i.e. : When the animation is in Pause

So, my problem is that I'd like to see the real form (the second one) during the animate... Knowing that during this animation my computer run with 30% of its performance, I think this is possible. But I don't know how... So if you've an idea, I'm interested!

Thank You!

PS : Sorry if it isn't really clear, I'm a French student...

POSTED BY: Thomas Bilyk
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago


Yes that works ! Thanks a lot Henrik!!!

POSTED BY: Thomas Bilyk

Hi Thomas,


Animate[Plot[y[x, t], {x, -200, 200}, PerformanceGoal -> "Quality"], {t, 0, 500}]

then - on my machine - it looks the way you are expecting it.


POSTED BY: Henrik Schachner
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