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How to define input variables for WSMInputFunctions command?

Posted 9 years ago

How to define input variables for WSMInputFunctions command? For the Insulin Signaling model example, how to give a time varying input for insulin concentration?WSMInputFunctions command is not recognising the input variable which is insulinconcentration.

The link to the Insulin Signaling model is below.

POSTED BY: mrugesh parasa

The insulinConcentration is a parameter in the original model, so that can't vary over time. However, it can easily be changed to an input that you can control.

In the attached model, I have set the insulin.c variable to filter.y, which takes its input from the new insulinConcentration Real input. The filter is needed to avoid SystemModeler trying to take the derivative of an input.

With the attached model, you can do:

varying input

POSTED BY: Malte Lenz
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