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Are numeric ImageSize values interpreted as pixels or printers points?

Mathematica 10.1 documentation of ImageSize states in the Details portion that an ImageSize specification of d means d printer's points, but in the Background portion there's a statement that image size values given as explicit numbers are assumed to specify the size in units of pixels. So, does ImageSize->{200,200} mean 200 pixels or 200 printer's points on a side?

POSTED BY: Anthony Rollins
Posted 9 years ago

For Export into PDF and EPS the value of ImageSize is taken in priter's points (1 printer's point = 1/72 of inch) while for on-screen rendering and Rasterize it seems to be taken in pixels at the first glance. But if we assume that Mathematica renders graphics with resolution 72 dpi the ambiguity can be resolved and we still can think that ImageSize is taken in priter's points. Actually we do have this contradiction in the Documentation and inconsistent behavior of this option, see this thread for details. See also this answer of mine for details on how it works for fonts.

POSTED BY: Alexey Popkov
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