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How to plot a family of 2-d logarithmic curves in 3-d

Posted 9 years ago

I am trying to plot a family of logarithmic curves. Each curve is in the XY plane as Y=log (X). However there are multiple planes in Z value increments of 4. i.e.: Z=0, Y=Log(X) Z=4, Y=Log(X) Z=8, Y=Log(X) etc.......

Similarly I need the mirror images of these curves plotted with the planes shifted on the Z-axis by 2 i.e. Z=2, Y=Log(-X) Z=6, Y=Log(-X) Z=10, Y=Log(-X) etc..........

I hand drew the curves with the most imporant curves solid and the other curves dotted.

Family of Logarithmic Curves

I was trying to find a program that would plot these curves and tried and failed with Desmos. This is the reason I am trying Mathematica. I would greatly appreciate it if anybody could help me or at least point me to a discussion thread which would help me draw this diagram. Thanks, Suresh

POSTED BY: Suresh Narayanan
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

You might try experimenting with ParametricPlot3D. However, it draws axes on the edges of the bounding box.

  {x, 0, Log10[x]},
  {x, 4, Log10[x]},
  {x, 8, Log10[x]}
  }, {x, 0, 100}, BoxRatios -> {1, .5, .5}, Boxed -> False

enter image description here

POSTED BY: David Keith

Thank you. Suresh

POSTED BY: Suresh Narayanan
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