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Dot move on map.

Posted 9 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm newbie in Mathematica and need some help with visualization on the map. I want to show ways of different people on map. That's will line over map with waypoints. Every waypoint have location and date. So when you drag slider with dates dot should move. I thought it's very simple but it's hard to me do this. I would very glad if somebody do some notebook for me with example (like 01.05-02.05-03.05 Paris-London-NY). Thank you.

3 Replies

Could you provide an example dataset to use?

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman

For example


If you want the waypoint(s) moving, try something like this:

st = Interpreter["Date"][#[[3]]] -> GeoPosition[#[[1 ;; 2]]] & /@ 
  SemanticImport["~/Downloads/st.csv", Automatic, "Rows"];
 GeoGraphics[{GeoStyling["OutlineMap"], GeoMarker[st[[date, 2]]]}, 
  GeoRange -> Quantity[500, "Miles"]], {date, 1, Length@st, 1}]
POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
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