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Do you want to help build an effective Software & Application with Wolfram?

Posted 9 years ago

Dear Wolfram Community and to whom it may concern,

I was using the following mindmaping applications Freeplane and now am using SIMPLEMIND & XMIND; i studied some capabilities of Wolfram in the development of advanced simple software and application and have identified few marketplace that it may be mutually beneficial to the concerned team players, wolfram community.

Am looking to assemble a team of wolfram programer in a collaborative business model to develop an optimized and simple MindMaping application using wolfram and coded in C language. Therefore, who do you know that is interested to join specific respective team to Build apps with module to be coded in Wolfram / C language")?

Since Wolfram is a multi-disciplinary tools (ex: Parralel Computing, Crypto; Computation; Optimization...) and after reflection, i believe this MindMaping & Multilanguage appz shall run accross all platfroms (On cloud, Android, PC, Mac, BlackBerry; and support OpenBSD; Raspberry p2...) and can be the most Secure/Encrypted (Password+Encryption), Optimized (Clean, Effective codes), Simple & Scalable (Sync: Agendas & todo list...), Add-on: Gantt Chart, SWOT models, Time Manager...) with specific key Features that are designed for particular niche Marketplace;

Who do you know that has any of the following skills listed below and is interested to join a team?

  1. Compilation & Integration: Ex Task list: Compile Wolfram into OpenBSD Kernel with the objective to have Wolfram run effectively on OpenBSD?); Compile opensource software such as but not limited to: Mindmaping: (ex: X.Mind, or Freeplane, or Labyrinth; or VYM) ; Task & Time Manager: (ex: project-open; ; Todoyu; or taskcoach /taskjuggler) the objective is to get familiar with the features, functionality & add-on of the new Wolfram apps

  2. Software Development: Ex list item: Paralel Computing; Cryptography; Graph & Networking Standalone appz in C; Cloud Appz development;

Thank you for your collaboration

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