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Maximise bug

Posted 8 years ago
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When I execute the following command, I get a numerical output as follows:

In[28]:= Maximize[{n^3, n^3 <= 3110400000000}, n, Integers]

Out[28]= {3110217954173, {n -> 14597}}

But if I change the function to maximise as follows:

In[30]:= Maximize[{n^2, n^2 <= 3110400000000}, n, Integers]

Out[30]= Maximize[{n^2, n^2 <= 3110400000000}, n, Integers]

Why do I not get an answer for $n$ in the latter case?

POSTED BY: Iftikhar Khan

Instead of Maximize, you can use

In[6]:= IntegerPart[3110400000000^(1/3)]

Out[6]= 14597

In[7]:= IntegerPart[Sqrt[3110400000000]]

Out[7]= 1763632
POSTED BY: S M Blinder
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