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Significant digits in integer numbers


This seems to be a silly question, but I was not able to find an easy solution. I have an integer number which I must show as a currency. For example:

NumberForm[1738517, {1, 2}, DigitBlock -> 3]

How can I proceed to get this number to just one significant figure and still keeping the currency format (2,000,000.00)?

2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago


This will do it

NumberForm[Ceiling[1738517, 10^(IntegerLength[1738517] - 1)], {1, 2}, 
 DigitBlock -> 3]

The Ceiling function is the one to get it to n significant digits like

In[9]:= Ceiling[1738517, 1000000]

Out[9]= 2000000

You will need some means of identifying how many digits are in the number before hand, easy enough if the actual number is a variable.

Hope that helps.

POSTED BY: Paul Cleary

Dear Paul,

Thank you very much. This solved the problem. I just had to replace Ceiling by Round in order to correctly handle rounding.

Regards, Anderson

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