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Recursive triangle number graphics

Hi. I want a recursive triangle number graphic like


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Hello ; attached, the first test


Thank you ; the aid will be used to customize what I intend to: generate the graphs and indicate, in each case, the number of points; I think using the Manipulate ...

Here is an example of some code that produces a triangular number plot:

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke

I want the sequence of graphs. I using version 10; so, I canĀ“t to do download Mathematica on ?

Which graphic are you reffering to? The first one - the sequence of graphs?

The webpage has a notebook version you can download. Under the title "Triangular Number" it says "Download Mathematica Notebook". This contains the code used to generate all the images, but unforunately, it uses a package which doesn't work with version 10. Are you using version 10?

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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