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Internal self-test error

Posted 9 years ago

Every time I launch Mathematica 10.1, I am bothered by the following error message:

enter image description here

Maybe someone wants to know... This wasn't the case initially, when I installed the product.

POSTED BY: Sandu Ursu
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

The problem seems to have been with my default printer indeed.

Last week, I have received an e-mail from the student organisation responsible for the printers, saying that we should install the new driver since the old one is no longer valid. I suspected then that the problem is related, however after I've installed the new driver, the error persisted.

I had to change my default printer, in order to get it run unpretentiously.

Thank you, Sean.

POSTED BY: Sandu Ursu

That's interesting.This looks like a really old issue with either Mathematica 8 or 7. The culprit involved a bad printer driver for certain printers - often label printers.

Does anythign strange happen when you evaluate SystemInformation["Devices"]?

Wolfram Technical Support are the most likely people to have run accross this issue with version 10. I would contact them. It will probably help if they know

  • The output of SystemInformation[] contained in a notebook
  • Which printers if any do you have installed on your machine.

I remember in the past, this was fixed quickest by installing a new printer driver for certain people.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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