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Designed Experiment Support

Posted 9 years ago

Mathematica does not seem to have support for Designed Experiments.

Does anyone know if there are plans for this capability in future versions ?

2 Replies
Posted 4 years ago

I also want Wolfram to develop this feature.

POSTED BY: bin ma
Posted 9 years ago

No kidding!

In fact, I often wondered why it was that seemingly no one else in cyberspace was trying to generate central composite, Box-Behnken, or other designs and then analyze the results--all within Mathematica. Was I missing something? Was it already there, and I just couldn't find the functionality? After all, this is Design of Experiments, a very common and popular methodology in research and in manufacturing. And, surely, I couldn't be the only one who wished for these functions within Mathematica. Even the old Mathcad versions (prior to their current "Mathcad Prime" platforms) can do DOE! But shame on me for not asking Wolfram for them.

It forced me to revisit the DOE theory and see how hard or easy it would be to come up with my own tools in Mathematica. I never got far. In the interest of time, I would just launch Minitab here at work. Problem solved, but in an ugly, no-fun environment.

POSTED BY: Glen Deering
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