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Finding result of calc with upto 14 digits exponent

Posted 9 years ago

I want to know if I have 123 (base) ^ (raised to power) 14 digits exponent number, how can i do it? Currently mathematica is supporting only 9 digits in raised to power but i need calculation for raise to power 14. Is there any method or trick available to calculte such big calculation? If it is possible to calculate raise to power by diving the number and then by adding the results generated from divided calculations to generate the final result.

For example ;

123 ^ 18647575872211 (How to do such calculation)

POSTED BY: Snake Eater
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Posted 9 years ago

is there any possibility to find all the digits the actual resultant number and can it be store in file on hard disk to utilize the number further ?

POSTED BY: Snake Eater
Posted 9 years ago

You may use WolframAlpha[] to view some characteristics of the result.

For instance:

enter image description here

The number contains 38971664131288 digits.. which is kinda big. To give you a better idea, if you were to loop through the digits of this number at a rate of 1 000 000 digits per second, it would take you about 1 year..

POSTED BY: Sandu Ursu
Posted 9 years ago

I need actuall resultant number, it must be too big but is it possible to store in file or any idea how big the resultant number can be ?

POSTED BY: Snake Eater

Expect around this many bits:

In[328]:= 10^14*Log[2., 123]

Out[328]= 6.94251450534*10^14

That's peta scale.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau

Do you need to know every digit of this very large integer? Just the leading (or trailing) few? The result modulo some other integer(s)? The first is hopeless, the others can be done in various ways.

POSTED BY: Daniel Lichtblau
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