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Laplace transform

Posted 9 years ago

Hey there, I'm having trouble with Mathematica to solve Differencial Equations using Laplace transform. Can anyone help me with this exercise/challenge?

y''(t) - 4 y'(t) - 6e^(3t) + 3*e^(-t) , y(0) = 1 and y'(0) = -1

2 Replies

I tried to put it on Wolfram Alpha, however it doen't solve the equation using LaplaceTransform, it solves using parameter variations. We need a step-by-step solution using Laplacetransform in Mathematica.

The "step-by-step" solution button doesn't seem to do solutions via laplace transforms. It has other choices of how to solve it however.

You can ask Wolfram|Alpha to do the laplace transform of the equation however and it will show the result.

If you'd like to suggest this feature, you can contact the Wolfram|Alpha team using the feedback form at the bottom of the Wolfram|Alpha search result page.

POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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