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Formatting Variables in Mathematica

Posted 9 years ago

When I try to define variables in Mathematica they will not assign themselves, (a=, b=, etc.). The variable stays blue, even after I press enter. Can someone help?

POSTED BY: Dave Hamm
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

I am using the Raspberry Pi 2 which comes with Mathematica. I do not know which version.

I tried resetting the kernel but it did not seem to have an effect. As the release that comes with the "Pi" is a beta release are there updates that I could be missing and where would I go to download those updates?



POSTED BY: Dave Hamm

Have you tried restarting the Kernel (or even the entire session)? I have experienced similar (although very infrequently) on Mathematica 7 (os 10.4) when I hanged the system and the kernel quit. As a last resort try to reset Mathematica to its factory settings.

POSTED BY: Isaac Abraham
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