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How to input this into WolframAlpha???

Posted 9 years ago

Have no idea how to type this in properly :(..

POSTED BY: Kimberly Aron
5 Replies

This is the corresponding input.

POSTED BY: Rodrigo Sambade

You cannot facing the extreme intelligence of WA because non-atomic symbol names seem to become interpreted as a product

non-atomic variable names are products

which is the conventional meaning, indeed. Just use poor man's solution calling your $xy$ variable simply $z$.

P.S.: The habit to interpret $xx$ as $x^2$ can be justified by e.g. Newton's handwriting, starting with the third power an exponent was used, the second power was written by repetition of the symbol ...

POSTED BY: Udo Krause
Posted 9 years ago

Didn't work... the program thinks this is what I tried to input...

Anyone else???

POSTED BY: Kimberly Aron

Sorry if I'm misreading the expression, but isn't that equivalent to what you wanted to input?

POSTED BY: Jesse Friedman
Posted 9 years ago

You could try like this

((x^2 + x)/7) (28/(x y + y))


POSTED BY: Paul Cleary
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