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problem of animation in simulation center

Posted 9 years ago

Hi everybody, I have a little "problem" during the simulation:

when i try the animation there is a distance between all the parts. I don't understand why. Does anyone can help me?

A model is attached. thanks for your help.

POSTED BY: ludovic rouch
2 Replies
Posted 9 years ago

It's ok, the description of r[3] is not a great help.

thank you for your help.

POSTED BY: ludovic rouch
Posted 9 years ago

You need to change the value for bodyCylinder.r[3] (in "oscillant") to {0,0,0} and the same change for bodyBox (in "support"). Both these components will otherwise use their start values, which are {0.1,0,0}. You can see this by opening Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Parts.BodyCylinder in the Modelica Text View in SystemModeler.

POSTED BY: Johan Rhodin
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