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[Job] Mathematica Software Engineer [Sciton Inc.]

Posted 9 years ago

Position: Mathematica Software Engineer at Sciton Inc.

Location: Palo Alto, California

Job Description

Sciton, Inc. is looking for an exceptional Mathematica Software Engineer with an interest in the medical device (aesthetic laser) technology. The right candidate will use their Mathematica knowledge and experience to work with 3D graphics, perform image processing, and develop user interfaces.

We are a diverse group of technical engineers who really enjoy working together to create the best products in the laser industry. We’ve got a good thing here and are looking for the right combination of skills and technical experience. We are a mature startup company with the right attitude of working hard (including long hours) and getting recognized and rewarded for your creativity.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

Development of multiple applications using Wolfram Mathematica software package, use of graphics, communication with hardware, image processing.


  • Bachelor’s degree (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or related fields) required.
  • Programming experience
  • 3 plus years of work with Mathematica.
  • User interface design experience
  • Worked in a Medical Device industry
  • Self starter and/or able to work as a team when needed
  • Strong oral and written communication skills as well as project management skills
  • Must be willing to be flexible in job duties and take on added responsibility when necessary

To apply for one of the following positions, please see our careers page or send us your résumé as an electronic attachment (PDF format or Word preferred) to with the job title in the subject line. Sciton is an equal opportunity employer.

POSTED BY: Robert Morquecho
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