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Scripts for launching remote Mathematica kernels

Announcing Tunnel. Tunnel is a set of scripts that simplify launching remote Mathematica kernels, where all established MathLink connections are automatically tunneled through a secure shell connection.

Tunnel is an improved version of the Remote Kernel Strategies solution originally presented at the Mathematica User Conference 2008. The new version contains compatibility fixes for newer versions of Mathematica and also supports remote compute kernels.

POSTED BY: Sascha Kratky
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Thank you for the prompt reply. I am able to access correctly to the MathKernel via ssh /opt/Mathematica/9.0.1/bin/MathKernel

However both the forwarding machine and the remote machine require a password and the public key is disabled. How could I include them using the Jump Host?

POSTED BY: Enrico Compagno

Is it possible to use the script when port forwarding is required to connect to the remote machine? I usually need to connect to a machine via ssh port forwarding and then in another terminal window I can have access to the remote machine.

POSTED BY: Enrico Compagno

I have added a section to the Tunnel manual which explains how to configure Tunnel for using an SSH jump host. A jump host is only supported for Linux and OS X.

POSTED BY: Sascha Kratky


POSTED BY: Sascha Kratky

Does this need an update for the most recent V10.X versions of Mathematica and Wolfram Language where new name for MathLink is WSTP - Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol?

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie

This is great, thanks for the update! I wonder if this is relevant to this discussion:

Remote Kernel on Raspberry Pi

POSTED BY: Sam Carrettie
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