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Inquiry on "SystemException"

Posted 9 years ago

Hi, good day to you and Aaron here again. I recently have a problem when I'm trying to compute a huge matrix size and after 1 and a half day of running the simulation, this came out

"SystemException[SparseArrayNormalLimit,Normal[SparseArray[<40 483 014>,{ 2 961 841, 2 961 841}]]] "

Does that mean Mathematica runs out of memory ? Is there a way for me to retrieve the data and speed up my simulation work since this take at least 2 days to compute ? Also do any of you know of a method to inspect for stability for a highly non-linear equations without having to convert the non-linear equations to linear equations ?

Hope to hear your awesome suggestions. I can't attach the file because it exceeded 20MB. If you guys want to try out the simulation, I can give it to you personally, but it will take at least 1 and a half day to run it. Thanks a lot and I appreciate your help.

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