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Parametric plot of a surface and projections of that one on coordinate axix

Posted 9 years ago

I typed the following code in a new .nb :

enneper[u_, v_] := {u - u^3/3 + u v^2, -v + v^3/3 - v u^2, u^2 - v^2} 
zz:= ParametricPlot3D[enneper[u,v], {u,-2,2}, {v,-2,2}, 
    S @ Shadow[zz, ZShadow->False];

because I want to obtain something like this: enter image description here I don't know why after Running Mathematica return the following errors: Show::gtype: Shadow is not a type of graphics (1 for enneper), Export::obsalt: Display is obsolete. Instead, use Export, Export::noopen: "Cannot open \!(\"stdout\") (2 for the catalan). The Catalan surface has the following code:

   {a(u-Sin[u]Cosh[v]), a(1-Cos[u]Cosh[v]), -4a Sin[u/2]Sinh[v/2]}
   x= catalan[1];
   \[Alpha][u_]= x[u,0];
   z1= ParametricPlot3D[Append[x[u,v],
      FaceForm[Yellow,Orange]], {u,2\[Pi],6\[Pi]},{v,-2,2}, 
      Lighting->False, PlotPoints->{40,20}];
   z2= ParametricPlot3D[highlight[\[Alpha],.6][u],{u,0,10\[Pi]}];

and the final results should be enter image description here How can I fix this errors? It has been over 2 days since I begun to fix this ones. It would help me another possible commands.

POSTED BY: teo ytriu
enne1 := {{u - u^3/3 + u v^2}/2, {-v + v^3/3 - v u^2}/2, {u^2 - v^2}/2}

enne2 := {({u - u^3/3 + u v^2}/2) + \[Pi], {0 + 2*\[Pi]}, {u^2 - v^2}/ 2}

enne3 := {{0 - 2*\[Pi]}, {-v + v^3/3 - v u^2}/2, {u^2 - v^2}/2}

ParametricPlot3D[{enne1, enne2, enne3}, {u, -2, 2}, {v, -2, 2},PlotTheme -> "Classic", PlotPoints -> {20, 20}]

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Simon Cadrin
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