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How to manually install the "Arduino software"

Posted 9 years ago

HI everybody, I have problem with installing the "Arduino software" when using


usually this function will automatically download "Arduino Software" from, but I have problem with this connection, I think this website is banned in my country, So I have to download and install manually.

Now I already downloaded the software and installed, but how can i specify the install location ? as the hint by Mathematica shown that I can specify the "Device property" of "ArduinoInstallLocation". But I don't know how to do this.

Is there anybody know this. Thank you very much.

POSTED BY: liner52
5 Replies

Which version of Mathematica are you currently using? IF you are using anything less prior to 10.1 then you need to download the sketch from Ian Johnson . Upload the sketch to the Arduino. MAke sure to change the name extention from .txt to .ino and then follow the sample.

THis will wirk with the Arduino USO. I have not tested with other versions, but assume that will work with anything working with pins 0- 13 and A0-A5

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon

No.. this will not download the software automatically Need to go to and download the latest version (1.6)

POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
Posted 9 years ago

Yes, I downloaded the version number is 1.6.5, but how will the Mathematica cooperate with Arduino? Mathematica always hits that "specify the "Device property" of "ArduinoInstallLocation".

POSTED BY: liner52

Hi there

Did you manage to resolve this. I have the same problem now, have incorporated


But this doesn't work, I think similar to the problem that you have expressed above.

POSTED BY: Glenn Brickhill
Posted 6 years ago

Did you managed to make it work? I am not understand either where ArduinoInstallLocation should be set. I mean literally, into which command that should be written?

POSTED BY: Teemu Ahola
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